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Pulmu Practical Training Section, instructions for students

Student Process

The student completes a training agreement, training plan and a training report in Pulmu.


Log into Pulmu with your student id.

If you attempt to connect from outside OUAS, you need a VPN connection to the school network in order to log in.

Here you will find instructions for setting up a VPN connection.


Main page

Once you’re logged in, the main page lists all your training plans, reports, and your training statuses.

Training agreement

Choose ‘New Training Agreement’ from the students view. Fill in the details of your own Degree Programs department and search for your training placements information with the help of the companys VAT number (Y-tunnus). A companys VAT number can easily be found in Google, e.g. ‘Y-tunnus Coronaria’. Add the start and finish date of your training and also the companys representative in charge of guidance. At any point you can save your agreement and complete it later. You can also print the agreement at any time.

The internship you supplied in your training contract will automatically be copied into your training plan and training report.

Print the filled agreement for signatures.

Scan the signed training contract and add it as an attachment to the training plan.

Training plan

After you have filled in a training contract, you can fill in a training plan from the upcoming training -card on the main page. Choose ‘Modify training plan’. In the training plan choose the person in charge of practical training and send your training plan to him/her for reviewing.

Training plan part where you add the course name and training tutor teacher data

Students of the engineering departments will choose their own department instead of Training tutor teacher. The plan will then be sent to the person in charge of the departments practical training.

Engineering department view of the training plan part where the course name and department is added.

Add your work tasks and training objectives to the training plan.

Be sure to check the ‘Company contact persons permition for data release based on the training agreement’ item, by default this item is ‘Cannot be released’.

Scan the signed training contract and add it as an attachment to the training plan. You can also add other attachments to your training plan.

The training plan will be sent to the trainees supervisor by email when you select ‘Send training plan’. You can also save the plan and return to fill it in later.


Add seminars or substitutes for those in the ‘Seminars’ section in your ‘Training plan’ -card.

Seminar modal with seminars date, short summary of the seminar, replacement task text boxes, add attachment button and save and close buttons.

Training reports

After the training plan is approved you will be able to complete the training report. You can fill out the report by clicking ‘Add training report’ from the section under the ‘Training plan’ -card.

Training plan card at students man page with the following training information; start and end of the training, training plan status, tutor/date, training plan attachements and seminars. Read training plan and show agreement buttons. Below this is the training report details tutor/date, training report status and training report attachments with add training report button.

Fill out the training report. Please note that information you have filled in ‘Work tasks’ section is publicly displayed to other students in the ‘Browse Training Reports’ page after the report has been approved.

The training report will be sent to the trainee’s supervisor by email when you select ‘Send report’. You can also save the report and return to fill it in later.

Browse training reports

By choosing from the drop-down lists, you can apply for a list of companies where students from a certain Degree Program and during a certain study year have completed their training. The list shows company names and work tasks that have been done during the training.

After your report has been approved, things you have added in your training report in the ‘Work tasks’ section will be shown in this list.

Training report browsing page with degree programme and year dropdowns, which act as the filters for the training reports. Searh button.

Practical training abroad

*Suomenkieliset opiskelijat tekevät harjoittelusopimuksensa ulkomaille englanninkielisenä. Vaihda siis kieli ylävalikosta ”In English”, niin saat harjoittelusopimuksen englanninkielisenä. *

All students who are doing their work practice abroad, need to fill out an application from in the Oamk’s application portal and attach the completed Training agreement to it.

Training agreement

    1. Erasmus+ Traineeships to European Union countries, EEA-countries and Turkey

For the Erasmus+ traineeships, you need to use;the European Commission’s own traineeship document

Attach this Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeship into your training plan in Pulmu. You don’t need to fill out any other training agreement forms in addition to this one.

  1. For all the other traineeships.

You may use the Training agreement in Pulmu. Please note the following sections, which specially concern training in a foreign company.

Open the New Training Agreement. Fill out the required fields.
Place of employment – section requires you to fill out your traineeship place data. Finnish companies do have business ID (Y-tunnus in Finnish), so in case your traineeship takes place abroad but in a Finnish company, please find the ID of the company.

In case your traineeship takes place in a foreign company, please use the “Search” button. Click it and then search company for your training agreement by selecting “Foreign company”. Then search foreign company by name. If there are no results, please add new and manually fill out the “Name of the foreign company” and save. Then you can fill out the rest of the data.
Choose office – part is next. In case the drop-down menu doesn’t give you choices, please add “New” and fill manually the information and save.

Then you must fill out the form step by step including the time of the training, working hours, work tasks etc. Training contact person at Oamk is your training supervisor from your study department. Person in charge of the training supervision abroad is your contact person in the destination. In case the drop-down menu doesn’t give you choices, please add “New” and fill manually the information and save.

Your training agreement is now ready for printing and signing by all the parties involved (you, your training supervisor at Oamk and your traineeship contact at the destination).

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