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Pulmu Bachelor’s Thesis Section, instructions for students

Students fills the thesis topic application and cooperation agreement in Pulmu.

In those degree programs where the students attend seminars and act as opponents during the Thesis process, the seminar and opponent announcements will be done in Pulmu. Seminars will be added to Pulmu by teachers as well as student seminar participation info (see section seminars below).

The ‘upcoming seminars’ section of Oiva has been replaced by Pulmu in the fall of 2019.

In Pulmu the student fills in a thesis topic application and sends it for approval to the person added in the “Application handler” section. The student will search for the person’s name according to the instructions given by his/her own department. This person will receive an e-mail concerning the student’s application and, through a link in the e-mail, will provide the student’s application with a supervisor and a language consultant and will also be able to approve or return the application. E-mail is sent to both the student and the supervising teacher.

Log into Pulmu with your student id.

You can find Pulmu from Oiva in the Bachelor’s Thesis section and from Peppi.

If you attempt to connect from outside OAMK, you need a VPN connection to the school network in order to log in. Here you will find instructions for setting up a VPN connection.

Add Bachelor’s Thesis

You’re advised to check out the contents of the links found above the bachelor’s thesis application.
Arene – Ethical recommendations for thesis writing at universities of applied sciences

TENK – Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland
Guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity 2012 (pdf).

If you do your thesis together with another student, add his/her details in the ‘Add other persons to the thesis’. Note that they also make their own thesis topic application in Pulmu.

In the ‘application handler’ section, select the person to whom the thesis application should be sent according to the instructions of your department.

If you already know the company for which you are doing your thesis, search for the company with the help of the company’s VAT number (Y-tunnus). You can also add the company’s information after the application is approved. A company’s VAT number can easily be found in Google, e.g. ‘Y-tunnus Coronaria’.

Add the subject of the thesis, the goal and result of the development/research task and the main methods.

You can save the application and continue it later. If you select ‘submit’, the application will be sent to the person you added in the ‘Request Handler’ section.

Please note that the maximum attachment size is 2MB.

You will receive an email when your application is processed.

The thesis goes through the following steps in Pulmu.

Thesis steps; Started, sent, application approved, plagiarism recognition, permition for maturity exam, ready

After the application has been accepted, the thesis application will show the function ‘Sent to the plagiarism detection system’. When you submit your thesis for review to the plagiarism service, add this information in Pulmu to your thesis topic application.

You will see in Pulmu when the teacher has given you permission for a maturity test. After the maturity test, the thesis application shows the notification ‘Added to Intranet/Theseus’, you should also add this information to Pulmu.

Main Page

Once you have submitted your thesis application you will see its details and status on the main page.

The teacher can add events to your thesis, and you can see these details and the teacher’s comments on the main page. The teacher may also choose that and an email is sent to you concerning added event.

Students main page where a table with the thesis topic, attachments, goal, timetable, status and estimated graduation time are. At the bottom of the page is a table of all the events of the thesis showing the event, description and the date of the event. Add even button underneat the event table.

Cooperation Agreement

From the student view choose ‘Cooperation agreement’. Check your own contact details (possible errors should be corrected in Peppi). Search for the company with the help of the company’s VAT number (Y-tunnus).

A company’s VAT number can easily be found in Google, e.g. ‘Y-tunnus Coronaria’. Add the subject of the thesis, the goal and result of the development/research task and the main methods. You can save the application and continue it later. You also can print the agreement before filling it in.

Print the completed cooperation agreement for signatures.

Scan the signed cooperation agreement and attach it to the thesis application form.


You can search for upcoming seminars by degree program, campus or type of seminar. From a drop-down menu, first select a value to update the view. After that, e.g. by selecting ‘degree program’ from the degree program -drop-down menu,  you will see all the upcoming seminars.


Seminars page with Own seminar button, dropdown lists for Degree Programme, Campus and Type which filter the results shown in the table below. Table of seminars with the seminar time, type, thesis topic, degree programme, supervising teacher, place and possible ac-link

Click on the topic of the thesis to see the author, the topic and the description of the thesis.

In the ‘Own seminars’ section you can see the seminars you have attended and seminars in which you have been a peer reviewer.

Peer review

You can apply for a peer reviewer by adding a new announcement or browsing through announcements from other students.

Peer review page whith buttons to add announcement and own seminars. A table of all the looking for peer reviewer announcements with the seminar type, preliminary seminar type, campus, place, degree programme, supervising teacher, thesis topic, message information and enroll button.

In the ‘Own seminars’ section  you can accept or reject peer-reviewers who have registered to your announcement, and also view statuses of your own peer review registrations.

Own announcements page where you see of your added peer review announcements, unprocessed peer reviewer enrollments and all the seminars where you are a peer reviewer.

Applications for language change

In Degree Programmes taught in finnish language the Thesis will be written in finnish. In Degree programmes taught in english, the Thesis will be written in english.

Students who have completed their education in finnish or swedish write their maturity test in the language of their school education. The language of the degree program does not affect the language of the maturity test for them. Students who have received their education abroad or in a language other than finnish or swedish write their maturity test in English.

Student can also make an application to change the language of the thesis and / or maturity test.

You can find both forms at the bottom of the Pulmu front page. Fill out the form and submit it to the Head of your Degree Programme.

When adding attachments, note that the maximum attachment size is 2MB.

You can save the application and continue completing it later. If you send the application, it will be sent to the person added as the ‘Application handler’.

You will get an email announcement about the final decision. You can see the statements and arguments of the Head of your Degree Programme, language teacher and the decision maker in the application in Pulmu.

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