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Exam visits to other Universities

Exam visit service will be introduced at Oulu University of Applied Sciences 22.5.2019. Exam visit means that you take your own university’s exam in another university’s Exam room.

  1. Log in to your own university’s EXAM with your user id and password.
  2. Click Exams in the navigation on the left and type the course code in the search field. You can also search for an exam by exam name or teacher’s name.
  3. Choose the right exam by clicking the green box “Registering for the exam”.
    NB! If you are registering for a personal exam or maturity test, the exam is ready on your dashboard when you log in to EXAM.
  4. To book a time in another university, click¬†“Exam room reservation from external institution”
  5. Choose the organization from the drop down menu and after that the exam room.
  1. Make sure you check the other university’s info and instructions for exam visit before you book the time.
  2. When you go to take your exam, you log in to the other university’s EXAM with your own university’s user id and password.

In other universities, it is not possible to take paper-based exams. If the exam requires a paper response, it must always be done in the exam room of your own campus.

The teacher should inform the student that the exam can only be done in the exam room of their own campus.

Instructions for an Exam visit (OUAS student)

Instructions for an Exam visit (Exam visitor)

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