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Moodle: Can’t find a course?

  1. If the course has not yet started, you might need to enroll to the course in Moodle. (At Oamk, you will not be automatically enrolled to Moodle courses even though you have already enrolled to the course in Peppi.)
  2. If the course is not over yet and the course is suddenly not visible to you, inform your teacher about it or contact the IT helpdesk.
  3. If the course is already over, continue reading this guide.

Some of the courses are hidden from the students while some stay visible

It is up to the teachers to decide if they want to hide a completed course or not. Some teachers hide the courses immediately it is over, while others keep the courses visible. So it is possible you cannot go to an old course in Moodle. If there are materials you still would like to use, be sure to ask your teacher about the plans on the visibility of the course after it’s over. If the course will be hidden, be sure to download the materials you need later on.

If the course is not hidden but has an end date set in Moodle, it will be listed according the end year.

Note that if you cannot see a course in the course listing anymore, it might still be available to you: If the teacher has set an end date for the course and it is over, the course will be listed in the category of the year when the course ended. You will see the links to the yearly listings in the beginning of your course listing if you have such courses that are still visible but the end date is due.

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