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Moodle: Add your Moodle calendar to your Outlook calendar

Would you like to see your Moodle calendar in your Outlook calendar, e.g. due dates? It is possible! All you need is to create a link to your Moodle calendar and then import that to your Outlook calendar:

    1. Log into Moodle and follow this link: https://moodle.oamk.fi/calendar/export.php
    2. Choose your options and create a web link to your Moodle calendar. In this example, all evens will be shown for the recent and next 60 days. Press the Get calendar URL button and Moodle will create a link for you. You should now copy the address.
    3. Then go to your Outlook calendar and choose Import calendar. In the online version, it is just below the calendar menu.
    4. In the Import calendar view, choose the From web  option. Paste the link you just copied in Moodle to the Link to the calendar field. Give the calendar a name, e.g. Moodle or Oamk Moodle.
    5. From now on, you can choose if you want to see the calendar in Outlook or not.

      If you already have your Oamk Outlook calendar in your phone, you will see your Moodle calendar also on your mobile devices calendar listing.

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