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Pulmu project section, instructions for students

You can fill in a project application, project based study agreement or commission agreement in Pulmu.

In those degree programs where the students attend company presentations, the presentations can also be found from Pulmu project section.

Sign in to Pulmu with your student id

You can also find Pulmu from Peppi.

If you attempt to connect from outside OAMK, you need a VPN connection to the school network in order to log in. Here you will find instructions for setting up a VPN connection.

Add project

You can add multiple projects by choosing ‘Add project’. Fill all the compulsory fields and add a supervising teacher to whom the application will be sent.

You can save the project and continue it later. If you select ‘send’, the project application will be sent to the supervising teacher.

All of the compulsory fields are marked with red * -sign.

Compulsory fields are;

  • Course. Please note that the field is a search fiedl in which you can search the correct course by its name or code. Course names and codes you can find either from Peppi or the study guide.
  • Planned project ready date
  • Project goals
  • Background of project

If any of the compulsory fields are not filled, you wont be able to send the application for approval and Pulmu will inform you that the sending has failed, due to compulsory fields not being filled.

Please note that the maximum attachment size is 2MB.

Main page

Main page shows all of your projects, their status, all the agreements, project events and possible messages. If you have more than one project, the project data is shown in their own tabs. You can choose the project which you want to modify by clicking on its name in the tab.

Add event

You can add events to a project which will be shown to you and your supervising teacher. When adding an event you can choose to send an email to your supervising teacher.

Project agreement

here you can fill a project based study agreement or modify agreement you have already filled.

If needed you can attach the agreement to a specific project by choosing the project from the dropdown on the form.

You can also add other students to the agreement after saving it first.

All the student data is brought from Peppi so if there are any mistakes it needs to be changed into Peppi.

Search for the company with the help of the company’s VAT number (Y-tunnus). A company’s VAT number can easily be found in Google, e.g. ‘Y-tunnus Coronaria’.

You can save the application and continue it later. You also can print the agreement before filling it in.

Print the completed agreement for signatures.

Scan the signed project based study agreement and attach it to the project application form.

You can save the application and continue it later. If you select ‘send’, the application will be sent to the person you added in the ‘Supervising teacher’ section.

Please note that the maximum attachment size is 2MB.

Commission agreement

Here you can fill in and print a commission agreement or modify an agreement you have already done.

You can attach the agreement to a certain project or make a  agreement without a project connection.

Project subjects

Here you can see all the projects subjects that teachers have added and you can reserve a subject. By clicking the name of the project you see all the details of the project and can reserve the project. Your own reservations you see in ‘My project subjects’.

Company presentations

If your degree program arranges company presentations, you will find the presentations and events here.

You can choose the event which presentations you want to see. You can also first choose unit, after which the event list only shows selected units events and the department drop down the departments of the selected unit.  When you choose the department you can only see the events of the selected department.

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