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What ‘s New in Adobe Connect 9.2

Filmstrip mode

Adobe Connect 9.2 provides a new Filmstrip mode in the Video pod. In this mode, one main video appears in large size and the rest of the videos appear as small feeds in a strip.

The Filmstrip mode allows participants to focus on the main speaker of the session, while still see the other webcam feeds. Only the meeting Hosts can switch between the current Grid mode and the new Filmstrip mode using a toggle button.


Full Screen video

Users can now make Video pod as full screen, just like it has been possible with the Share pod. When full screen, the pod can fully utilize the available screen area, with a single click of the button. In full screen, the title bar is hidden. To access it, hover the pointer at the top edge of the screen.

Individual participants can choose to use or not use the full screen options, unless it is enforced by hosts or presenters.


First-Time User Experience

New users now receive the welcome email in HTML format. Besides rich formatting, the email has a clear call to action for the new user to quickly get started. If user’s email client does not permit HTML emails, a text only email is delivered.

Clicking the Explore Adobe Connect link takes the user to the relevant part of the product, depending on user’s role. The user is taken either to a relevant area in Adobe Connect Central or directly to a meeting room. The relevant area is dynamically determined when the user logs in the first time and depends on users’ group membership, as assigned by the Account Admin. For example, if a new user is assigned an Event Manager role, Events tab opens upon clicking the Explore Adobe Connect link.

A new user, who is part of the Meeting hosts group, is taken to a system generated meeting room upon first login. The user can quickly get started by using this room as is. Optionally the user can also rename the room or customize it further by accessing the web application.


Active Speaker indication

Participants can now easily identify who is speaking even if the current speaker is way below in the participant list.


Easier Selection of Microphone and Web Camera

Easily select your desired Microphone and camera devices, if you have more than one option available. Once selected, this option will be set as default for Connect on that
machine until it is changed again. If the default device is still available, that will be the one used when you start your web cam or microphone.


Wide Screen Mode for Web Cam Video

Option for Host to set the default view of camera to 16:9 aspect ratio.
PLEASE NOTE! For cameras feeds which do not support this, pillar boxing will be done to maintain uniformity.


Passcode Protected Public Recordings

Users can now set passcode to their public recordings before sharing them and add a layer of security for their recordings. If set so, users would need to provide the valid passcode at the time of accessing the recording in order to view them.


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