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Using online survey tools

Using an online survey tool is an easy way to conduct surveys without having to install separate software. With an online survey tool, you can create surveys, send invitations, collect data and then print the reports. Those invited recipients who decide to take part in your survey will do that via their web browser. In Oamk, the primary tool for surveys is Webropol.

As an Oamk student or staff member, you can now conduct surveys related to your studies (or Oamk related work). You can access Webropol with your Oamk account. Of course you have to follow the Oamk Access Rigths Conduction as always when using any of the IT services provided to you by the Oamk.

You may also need to apply for a research license from an authorized representative of your target group. E.g. if your research project concerns the University of Applied Sciences, its students or staff, you need to apply for a license from Oamk.

Please keep in mind that if you are collecting personal data in your survey, you need to make a GDPR statement on your survey, where you describe how you are protecting and handling the data you have collected.



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  1. Mika Louhimo
    Written on 14.1.2020 at 15:29:09 | Permalink

    Webropol ei aukea. Mistä tämä ohjelma avataan ja miten?

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