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Don’t install the separate MS Outlook app in your phone/tablet

Microsoft has recently published a Microsoft Outlook app (used to be Acompli) in Apple Store and Google Play. The user names and passwords are saved to the systems of a third party. This is why the e-mail servers that OUAS uses, has blocked the application.

NB! You can use the calendar and e-mail software that are built-in features of your phone/tablet: Just do not install the separate MS Outlook app from Apple Store or Google Play.

These excerpts are taken from the website of Acompli (https://www.acompli.com/privacy-policy/):

“Some email accounts (ones that use Microsoft Exchange, for example) also require that you provide your email login credentials, including your username, password, server URL, and server domain. Other accounts (Google Gmail accounts, for example) use the OAuth authorization mechanism which does not require us to access or store your password.”

“Those messages, calendar events, and contacts, along with their associated metadata, may be temporarily stored and indexed securely both in our servers and locally on the app on your device. If your emails have attachments and you request to open them in our app, the service retrieves them from the mail server, securely stores them temporarily on our servers, and delivers them to the app.”

“We occasionally contract with vendors, consultants and other service providers to provide services for us (such as customer support, email marketing, and technical infrastructure services). We may provide these companies with access to your information where necessary for their engagement to facilitate your use of our platform.”

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