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Electronic exam system (Exam): Students Guide

Students guide

Exam process

  1. Verify from your teacher that the exam can be completed as electronic exam in the Exam-system.
  2. Register for the exam in the Exam-system. In a personal exam, teacher has already joined you for the exam, so the registration is already done. Log into the Exam-system once before you ask the teacher to create a personal exam for you. Teacher can’t add you as a participant, before you have agreed to the terms and conditions.
  3. Book an exam time and place in the Examinarium (computer in the exam room) in the Exam-system. Reservations can be made 30 days ahead. You will get confirmation email about the booking.
  4. Complete the exam in the Examinarium through the Exam-system.
  5. Teacher will evaluate the exam in the Exam-system and save the grade.
  6. You will be informed of the grade via email and through the system.
  7. The grade is in study register.
Student must be logged in to Exam system once before the teacher can add personal exam. Sign in to Exam with your user id and password: https://exam.oulu.fi/


Log in


Exam-järjestelmä: https://exam.oulu.fi – – log in with your university account
Computer in Examinarium: General username and password are next to the computer
Browser recommendation: Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Exam computers are equipped with a browser, Adobe Reader, Microsoft office and software which is needed to take the exam. The network is restricted to Exam software. You are not allowed to use any outer devices like data stick.

Things allowed in Examinarium


  • student card or photo identity card (compulsory)
  • the locker key
  • only on paper exams: writing tools (pencil and eraser)



  • jacket or bags
  • phone
  • smart watch
  • calculator, except with your teachers permission
    • permission is visible in the information available when booking the exam time
  • dictionary
  • books
  • pens
  • paper
  • snacks or even a water bottle
  • talking in the Examinarium
  • leaving the Examinarium mid exam

Please note, that toilet breaks are not allowed in electronic examination.

In the exam room or near it will be lockers for your belongings free of charge. You can take things to the exam computer according the list above, leave the rest of you belongings to the lockers.


Realtime video and recordings are used to supervise exams. There are also random checks into the exam rooms. You must be prepared to verify your identity when asked. You can verify you identity with an identity card.

E-exam rooms and opening hours

In summer 2021 e-Exam rooms and technical support will be closed from July 12 to July 31.

The e-exam system and e-exam rooms are common to Oamk and University of Oulu. You can take your e-exam in all e-exam rooms presented below. When taking the exam in Linnanmaa campus or Dentopolis Kontinkangas campus outside office hours or at saturday, you need a 24/7-campus card to get into the building. You can also get a temporary access card till September 2021:

  • You can inquire access card from the main lobby service point of Linnanmaa campus on weekdays during opening hours. The access card can be returned after the exam to the key box at the lobby service point. You can exit the campus without an access card. The card gives access to doors X5, 2T and R (map: https://www.oulu.fi/sites/default/files/content/Kartta_Linn...) during Mon–Sat 7.30 am–6.00 pm. Access to exam room is through door X5.
  • You can inquire access card from the info point of Dentopolis Kontinkangas campus Aapistie 5A on weekdays during opening hours. You need to return the access card to the same place no later than the next weekday on campus opening hours. You can exit the campus without an access card. The card gives access to door 3B. On weekdays between 7.30-15.45 you can use door 5A without the access card.

The campus opening hours of Oamk: https://www.oamk.fi/fi/oamk/yhteystiedot/

The campus opening hours of University of Oulu: https://www.oulu.fi/yliopisto/node/41193 

During coronavirus pandemic you will receive an email with the instructions on how to get into the exam room with the confirmation email, read it carefully before the exam.

Exam rooms and opening hours
(Please note also the opening hours of the buildings above!):


Closed from 2nd July to 31st July.

E1225, 1.floor, Kiviharjuntie 4 (15 exam computers, one with unobstructed access)

MON at 9 am –6 pm (June/July at 9 am – 4 pm)
TUE–THURS at 8 am –6 pm (June/July at 8 am – 4 pm)
FRI at 8 am – 4 pm

There are electronic locks on e-exam room doors. The doors will be open 5 minutes prior to beginning of the exam and 15 minutes after the exam has began. If the student misses their examtime more than 15 minutes, they need to ask for the key from the janitor.

The locker is located in the exam room.



Closed from 14th June to 8th August.

C2 2112, 2.floor, Kuntotie 2 (2 exam computers)

MON at 9 am – 4 pm
TUE–FRI at 8 am–4 pm

Door open according to the opening hours.



Closed from 12th July to 31st July.

Examinarium (PR106), Kauppakatu (50 exam computers, 3 with unobtructed access)

campus map

MON-FRI at 8 am-9 pm

SAT at 8 am-5 pm

There are electronic locks on e-exam room doors. The doors will be open 5 minutes prior to beginning of the exam and 30 minutes after the exam has began.

Please book exams that are answered on paper (i.e. mathematics, counting and japanese) on Mondays if possible.

The locker is located in the exam room.


Closed from 1st July to 31st July.

Examinarium (H1090), Aapistie 3 (16 computers, one with unobstructed access)

Campus map

MON-FRI at 8 am-8 pm (special arrangements until 9 p.m.)

SAT at 8 am-5 pm

There are electronic locks on e-exam room doors. The doors will be open 5 minutes prior to beginning of the exam and 30 minutes after the exam has began.

No paper exams.

The locker is located next to the exam room.


Examination always begins on the hour. A student can leave the Examinarium 30 minutes from the beginning of the exam at the earliest.

There are no exams in Examinarium the are done only by paper, the exam questions are always in the exam-system. The examiner cannot bring the questions for you in an envelope.

Paper exams (exams that you can’t do on computer i.e. mathematics, counting and japanese) are completed on mondays. Even then the questions are in the exam-system.

Maintenance break

There is a maintenance break in Exam system on every month´s 1st Wednesday from 8 am to 10 am and on every third Monday from 8.30 am to 10.30 am. Exam rooms are closed during the maintenance break.

Examinariums are closed during midweek holidays.



Tutorial videos

How to register for an e-exam.

How to operate in the Examinarium. (Note, in contrast to video instructions, choose your own school (Oamk) in Haka login page and use your own credentials!)

How to register to an exam

A personal exam will appear to your dashboard automatically. You don´t have to register for it. You have to only book a time for it.

Student must be logged in to Exam system once before the teacher can add personal exam. Sign in to Exam with your user id and password: https://exam.oulu.fi/

1. After the sign-in you’ll see your Dashboard where you can see all the exams that you have registered for.
2. To register for a new exam, click Exams
3. You can search with a course code, course name or by the teacher name
4. The system gives you the list of those exams that meet your search
5. Click the name of the exam that you want to register to
6. Click Register for the exam
7. Choose the right Exam room for you (Note! “Tenttivierailu” rooms are for students who come from other high schools than OUAS or UO)
8. Book a time for your exam from the calendar. System shows all free times that are available in the Exam room
9. Click the time and you´ll see the reservation details. Confirm it by clicking the Confirm exam time
10. You have now registered to the exam and the exam appears to your dashboard
11. You also receive a confirmation e-mail from the system. Please note, that it is´s important to check which computer you were given. You can take your Exam only on the computer that the system has given to you.

Picture1: Register to an exam
Picture2: Choose the Exam room
Picture3: Book a time for your exam
Picture4: Exam information

How to cancel or change your registration

1. Sign in to Exam with your user id and password
2. After the sign-in you’ll see your Dashboard where you can see all the exams that you have registered for.
3. Click on the top right corner menu (3 dots)

  • If you want to change your registration click Edit reservation and choose another time for your exam
  • If you want to remove the booking click Remove the booking
  • If you want to cancel your exam registration click Cancel the registration

Other instructions

Please note that these instructions go to national Wiki. There might be some university specific instructions.

University of Oulus’ instructions

Taking your exam

  • Examinations call for absolute silence
  • Exiting and re‐entering the examination room in the middle of an exam is not allowed
  • The student must leave her/his belongings (outdoor clothing, bag, mobile phone, etc.) in the locker
  • The student may not take any items or food with her. Only water bottle and some small snacks are allowed
  • Writing instruments are allowed only when completing paper exam
  • If the student breaks the rules, the exam can be graded as failed
    • Exam will be automatically graded as failed if the student has a mobile phone outside the locker.
  1. In the Exam room, choose the computer that you were given when you registered for the exam (information about the computer was also sent to your e-mail).If you forgot the computer that you were given, you can sign in to one of the computers in the Exam room and the system tells you what computer you should use. You can take your Exam only on the computer that the system has given to you.1. Sign in to Exam with your user id and password
    • If your exam time has not started yet, wait and the exam opens automatically
    • If your exam has already started, your exam opens automatically

    2. On the first screen you see the instructions for your exam. If there are no instructions you see the first question page.
    3. The questions are closed by default, to open the answering field click the question open by clicking the grey arrow or the question text.
    4. Move to the next question by clicking the section name (the blue box) under the fist question or the grey box on the right.
    3. The remaining Exam time is shown on top of the screen.
    4. The system saves your answer automatically every minute.
    5. When you are ready click Save and submit.
    6. If you have to abort the exam, choose the Abort exam link. Please note that aborted exam counts as an examination taken and it will automatically graded as failed
    7. The system automatically logs you out from Exam, but Remember to log off from the computer by clicking the “Log Off” icon on the desktop .
    8. You can leave the exam room when you are ready and have submitted your exam.


Conditions of use for electronic exam

By using the e-exam service a student undertakes to abide by the conditions of use and possible special terms that the teacher has defined for the exam. A student consents to audio and video surveillance and to the combining of information of the examinations systems in order to confirm identity. The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time and recording video surveillance (video and audio). Obeying the rules is confirmed by surveillance, random tests and through personal identification.

1. There is no technical support available during exams. The exams are done at one’s own risk.

2. Electronic examinations comply with University of Oulu Education RegulationsAssessment and examination of study attainments at the University of Oulu guidelines and student´s information security guidelines. Students of Oulu University of Applied Sciences follow Oulu University of Applied Science Assessment Regulations.

3. The student consents to audio and video surveillance and to the combining of information of the examinations systems in order to confirm identity.

4. The rules of information technology service use and Rules of IT systems use apply in electronic examinations.

5. Data protection notice for University of Oulu. Data protection notice of Oulu University of Applied Science.

Special arrangements for examination

Students who need special arrangements for examination can have 4 hour (235min) exam time.Student needs to have a certificate for special arrangements for examination. Four hour exams are always done as personal exams.For other speacial arrangements, i.e. taking asthma medicine to the Examinarium, please contact technical support (e-exam(at)oulu.fi) before making the reservation.

Exam computer with unobstructed access (i.e. when using a wheelchair)

There is a computer available with unobstructed access. Computer has a wider and electrically adjustable table that is wheelchair accessible.

Booking an unobstructed exam computer

Register for the exam normally (instructions above), after which an unobstructed exam computer is selected as follows:

1. Click the Register for Exam button
2. Select an exam room from the drop down menu
4. Click Accessibility type and check the box next to Pyörätuolipaikka/Unobstructed access
5. Select exam date and exam time (slot) from the calendar and click on it
6. Confirm your reservation by clicking the Confirm exam time button
7. You will see your booking on the front page under Reservations
8. You will also receive a confirmation email. The message contains essential information: what is the number of the exam computer raffled for you, on which you will take your exam in the exam room. Be sure to go to the right exam computer when taking the exam!

Exam visit

Exam visit means when you complete your own universities course exam in another universities Exam-room. Before making an exam reservation to the other university, remember to check their opening hours, instructions on how to get into the exam room and other university specific instructions. You also need to make sure, that the exam-computers have the programs you need to complete the exam. When you take the exam at another university, you follow the exam rules and guidelines of that certain institution, so read them carefully in advance. Universities that have enabled the exam visit can be found from the Exam webpage. Universities where you can complete an exam visit are listed on the consortium page. Reservation for an exam visit is recommended to be done well in advance, there are differences in the number of computers in use for an exam visit and overcrowding.

To book an exam visit, log into your own universities Exam and register to the Exam normally. When choosing the exam room, select Exam room reservation from external institution. Choose the organization, in which you want to complete the visit in and then choose the exam room. After that you can complete the reservation normally within this certain institutions’ exam visit hours.

Choose room instruction

Exam visit in Oulu

Exam visit can be completed in exam rooms located in Oulu. You cannot answer on paper during an exam visit, the answers need to be written to the exam-system. Exam visit can be completed on weekdays in between 8am and 5pm. From above you can find campus map and guidelines and conditions of use for electronic exam, please read them carefully before making the reservation.

When completing exam visit, student logs into the Exam system by choosing their own educational institution from the HAKA login page and enters their own username and password.

Software that students can use during e-exams

Mozilla Firefox (access to Exam system only), Word without spelling and grammar, Excel, Calc, Paint, PDF-Xchange, 7-zip, Java, Java- sekä gcc/g++, Notepad ++, C/C++:, Codeblocks + Mingw, Mingw-kääntäjä, Catch, Dr. Memory, Cppcheck, Doxygen, Cpp reference offline version HTML book, NetBeans.

Paper exam

If your exam needs to be answered on paper, the exam must ALWAYS be completed on the campus you study on. Please note, that you can’t complete exams that are answered on paper at Dentopolis exam room.

The teacher doesn’t bring the questions in an envelope to the exam room, exam questions are always in the exam-system as questions or as an attachment. Questions are answered on empty paper that can be found from the exam room. Taking own papers to the exam room launches suspicion of cheating. Bring your own pen. Exam paper is available in the lockers in the exam room. Questions are in the Exam-system. Write your own name and the name of the exam to the exam paper. Put your exam answers (also your notepapers) in an envelope, write your examiners name and internal post address on top of it and return it to the mailbox inside the exam room. You can find the information of your teacher from the starting page of your exam. Internal mail address should be written in the instructions during examination field.

Test exam

To get to know electronic examination, you can book a test exam. Test exam can be found from the Exam-system with Test exam-name. Book the exam and complete it accord to your own schedule. Please note, that even when completing a test exam, you must follow electronic examinations rules and guidelines.

Problems during the exam and technical support

If any technical problems prevent you from finishing your exam, abort the exam, leave Examinarium and fill in Form to Report Exam Interruption immediately. In case of an emergency there are instructions and an alarm button inside the e-exam room.

You are going to an exam and you notice that the campus is closed

Cancel your registration and make a new reservation. Contact your teacher if needed.

Problem with the exam computer

  • If the exam computer or browser doesn’t start or your exam computer or browser jams during the exam, restart the computer, open the browser and continue your exam.

Power failure

  • Wait and see if the power comes back on
  • If the power comes back on, restart the computer, open the browser, log in and continue the exam

If the exam is interrupted or prevented altogether due to, for example, a technical problem, disturbance, alarm or some other similar reason, the student must report the matter without delay by filling in the Form to Report Exam Interruption. Based on the information, the situation and the possibility of renewing the exam will be reviewed.

Contact support

In case you are unable to solve the problems, please contact e-exam(at)oulu.fi. Prepare to give detailed information about the problem.

Please note, that you cannot call or send an email from the exam room. You must leave the exam room to contact the support. Situation and possibility to renew the exam is reviewed after this.

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