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Security printing instructions for Oamk students

NB. Oamk has changed the printing service from Konica-Minolta to Canon uniFLOW in 1/9/2020.

Secure printing is available in all Oamk campuses. When you print in the secure print queue, you can fetch your prints from any of the printers at the campuses: To be able to get the prints, you have to first login or show a RFID or NFC card you have linked to the printer service, so that the printer would start to print.

Students who use the secure print queue can use all the secure printers (Canon multifunction devices; copier-printers) on all campuses: There are several devices on the campuses. All the devices are available for your use, also those in the University of Oulu’s premises, as printing service is shared between both Oamk and the University of Oulu. (More accurate location of devices can be found at the end of this instruction)

How to print to secure print queue from school’s computer

When you have a file open on a school computer to print, select the print function. Then you can see printers print menu, which proposes a printer for you. If you want to print from secure print queue, the printer has to be “studentprint”. If it is not, browse to the directory where it should be listed as “studentprint”. ( How to add a printer to your computer ) After you press the print (tulosta) button, the file is transferred to the print queue. You can now retrieve your file from secure print device. Please note that you do not have to go to the device immediately but when it suits you within 4 hours. Now, during the times of the corona pandemic, your prints will remain in the queue for 10 days (240 hours), while normally the time would be four hours. (The printers are typically not located in the classrooms, most are in the corridors!)

How to print a secure print queue via e-mail, e.g. from a mobile device

Send the file by e-mail to mprints@oulu.fi where the files are transferred to your print queue. Please note that the service will recognise you by your email address so always remember to use your Oamk e-mail address when you send text documents or attachments. If you are sending a message without an attachment, the message itself ends up in the printing queue. If you send a message with an attachment, both will end up in the printer queue, you can choose what to print when you are only the attachment is printed.

NB. If you have a colour file, it will also be printed in colour. Colour prints are more expensive, so in case you want to have black and white prints instead, you should either change the settings while you are fetching your prints from the printer device, or you can make a black and white version of your file and use that for printing. If you change the settings on the printer, the price reservation will change and you will be charged for black and white printing. I.e. the price reservation is determined based on the type of the file in the queue but the actual price you pay, is based on the actual prints you have printed.

Get your prints from the printer

When you retrieve your prints, you have to identify yourself. You have two options for logging in:

  1. Log in with your Oamk username (use it in the form username@kk) and related password: choose the AD login option from the touch screen to get to the login view. OR
  2. You can log in with a NFC card (Near Field Communication card; also RFID cards work) you have already connected to your Oamk username: Show your NFC card to the card reader device on the printer.

When you are identified, you can view your print queue from the printers control panel. If you print often, registering a card is worth it. You can activate your card at the same time you are retrieving your prints. You can activate any of your cards equipped with a NFC payment feature for example a debit card or a Waltti-card.

NBDon’t log in if the printer is still printing someone elses job! If you log in, the other user usually will be logged out and the ongoing printing will be interrupted. There may be different settings in each device.

Remember to log out from the device when you are done!

How to register your card:

  1. Display your card to reader and the device beeps.
    etäluvun ikoni
  2. Then, log in with your own Oamk username (in the form username@kk) and password.
  3. Once you have successfully signed in on the device with your Oamk username and password, the card is activated. After activation, you can start printing. You will find the printing functions at the control panel of the device.
  4. Once you have printed your work, log out from the service. If you forget to log out of the machine, the machine automatically logs you out but there is a short period when someone else could use your balance: Please note that copy function would then be available to others within the limits of your balance. Of course, you should not use other accounts but please log out of the device if you notice someone has forgotten to do so!

See Canon’s video (the user ID should be your username@kk where the username is your Oamk username. The password is your Oamk account’s password.

How much am I allowed to print?

You can print in the limits of your current balance. If you are enrolled as a student and your print balance is less than 4 € in the beginning of January and in the beginning of August (starting from January 2018 until further notice.), Oamk will add up to your balance as much as is needed so that your balance will be 4 euros. In case you need to print more, you can add money to your balance. Printout prices are listed here (updated July 28, 2020):

Prints (and copies) Price
Black-and-white A4 or A3, one-sided print 0,025 e
Black-and-white A4 or A3, double-sided print 0,05 e
Colour A4 or A3, one-sided print 0,136 e
Colour A4 or A3, double-sided print 0,272 e

In practice, this means that if you print only A4-size (= normal size) black and white prints, you can print 80 double-sided (or 160 one-sided) prints per semester. One A3-size (= large size) black and white print costs the same as an A4-size print: You can save money if you have longer documents and you print them as spreads. Color prints are clearly more expensive, a single colour print costs more than five black and white prints.

Secure printing devices include papers. NB. one double-sided print costs the same as two one-sided prints. We know, this is silly! Unfortunately, we can’t change that. To promote environmentally friendly habits, we still recommend you print double-sided prints because that saves paper.  You should not load your own papers into the printers paper drawers. If you need to use your own, special paper for your prints, you can use the multi-purpose tray (See the University of Oulu’s instructions for using the multi-purpose tray on Canon printers.) Canon takes care of filling the paper drawers. Scanning is free of charge.

How to check your balance:

To check your balance, login to the https://prints.oulu.fi. Login to the service with your personal username (you have to use the username@kk form) and password.

How to deposit money to your printing account:

If you have run out of your printing balance, you can deposit money to your account online. NB. online payment is the only option available. Also, do notice that you should try to use your deposit before you finish your studies, as unfortunately, we are not able to refund your deposit.


As an Oamk student, you can scan your files with a printer and get it sent directly to your e-mail address. Scanning is cost-free.

SafeQ printers locations

Linnanmaa campus
The printer locations are on the University of Oulu’s website
Oulainen, 1st floor
GameLab (Rantakatu 3)
Class room
Professorintie campus
2nd floor
Louhi Lobby
Louhi B wing, corridor
Louhi D wing, corridor
Paasi Room 2347 (SIMLAB)
Paasi Corridor (in front of room 2321, close to IT class room 2336)
Paasi Corridor (in front of room 2323, close to IT class room 2336)
3rd floor
 Louhi C wing, corridor

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