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How to use Oamk’s VDI

NB. When you use a virtual machine, you should always save your work in the cloud or to an external hard disk. If you save your work to the virtual machine, you will lose it when you close the virtual desktop.

VDI comes from the words Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. When you use a VDI, you are actually using a remote machine through your screen (of your computer or mobile device).

If you are using MacOS, you should first get the Microsoft Remote Desktop to be able to use the VDI.

These instructions are for Windows:

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to https://vdi.oamk.fi
  3. Use your Oamk credentials (kk\username + password) to log in
    The Oamk VDI Resources login window has two fields; the Domain\username and the password fields. There's a security warning: By logging in to this web page, you confirm that this computer complies with your organization's security policy. Below the warning, there is the Sign in button.
  4. Choose “Sign in”
  5. Choose the desktop that fits you.
    In the Oamk VDI Resources RemoteApp and Desktops, there are five options to choose from: Kone Pool, LUOVA Pool, LVT Pool, MASTER Pool and TY-01 Pool.
  6. You will get a RPD file to your computer. You should open it. E.g. in Chrome, you can just click it on bottom of your browser window.
    The name of the file starts with cpub and ends with .rdp.
  7. You should choose all the resources for the remote connection and then click Connect (Yhdistä).
    (Please be aware that if you see a warning about the information security issues, you should not continue to connect to a service without giving it a thought. We are aware of this problem that the publisher is shown as unknown in the current system and this cannot be mended until we will renew the system.)
    The remote desktop connection window says that the publisher of this remote connection can't be identified. It asks, if you want to connect anyway. You should be aware that the a remote connection could harm your local or remote computer. You should not connect unless you know where this connection came from you have used it before. The publisher in unknown to the system. The type is Remote Desktop Connection. The name of the remote computer in this example is VDIRDP01.KK.LAN and the gateway server is vdi.oamk.fi. In this image, these details are shown: All the available resources are checked: Drives, Other supported PnP devices, Clipboard and Printers. On the bottom of the window there are two buttons, Connect and Cancel.
  8. Please give your password again
    The Enter your credentials popup window asks you to type your user name and password to connect to vdirdo01.kk.lan. It shows your name and below it there is a field for your password. At the bottom of the window there are two buttons, OK and Cancel.
  9. wait for the remote connection to establish.
    A popup telling it is connecting to VDIRDP01.KK.LAN. (Loading the virtual machine.). There is a possibility to abort the connection with the cancel button.
  10.  At the end of the session, you should log out: Use the “Log off” button from the Start menu. (If you have not used the virtual machine for 15 minutes, it will log you out automatically).
    From the Windows Start menu, choose the Log off button to log out.


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