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Online learning

These instructions are meant for both Oamk staff and students.

1. Moodle

Oamk Moodle is the official e-learning environment in Oamk. You can log in to Oamk Moodle at https://moodle.oamk.fi/.

1.1 Login to Oamk Moodle

Oamk students and staff members log in to Moodle with their Oamk username and password. To external users, separate accounts are made when needed: then the username is the person’s full email address.

1.2 Course requests

In Moodle, each e-learning course has its own space. Employees may request a new course space from the Oamk helpdesk.

1.3 Adding the students to the course platform

If you are a manager of a course, you can add students to your course in Moodle by yourself. Alternatively, you can set a self-registration for your course, so the students can join the course themselves. Self-registration can either be open for all, or only for those who know the enrolment key. You may want to set the enrolment key yourself and then tell it to those students who you want to participate to the course.

1.4 Usernames for external users:

Oamk staff can order usernames to external users from the helpdesk. In this case, the following information is required:
1) The name of the person,
2) e-mail address
3) the organisation (if any), and
4) information on how long the username is needed (= when the account can be removed)

1.5 Further information

In case you encounter problems with Moodle, or if you have questions, please contact the Oamk helpdesk.

For each course, the teachers should mark in Peppi if the course (or a part of it) is in Moodle.

2. Oiva

Oiva is the students’ intranet at Oamk. Oamk’s Communication Services maintain Oiva.

Both students and staff can access Oiva at https://oiva.oamk.fi/ using their Oamk usernames.

In Oiva,

  • students see all the courses they have registered into.
  • teachers see the courses they are responsible for.

If for some reason your course does not appear in Oiva, please contact the helpdesk.

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