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Student: How to find feedback your teacher has given you in Moodle

If your teacher has given you feedback for an activity in Moodle, such as an assignment, you are notified about the feedback in your list of courses in Moodle.

Your courses view in Moodle. You can see the Feedback available text below the course if you have feedback.

  1. When you click the Feedback available (Palaute saatavilla) link (see picture above), you will see a full list of all the activities on that specific course. You can see the possible textual feedback in  the Feedback (Palaute) column.
  2. If you scroll down (or look to the right if your browser window is wide enough), you can see a Feedback (Palaute) section. On the right side of the header, you can see a view my feedback (Näytä oma palaute) link. Then you will see a list of all the courses in Moodle where you have at least one graded item: If you click the name of a course you will end up in a similar view as described at the previous point of this list.
  3. In the Feedback (Palaute) section you can see all the individual activities you have gotten feedback from: Click the activity you want to see (eg. in the picture below you can see an assignment activity called homework: The Cornell Note-taking system), and you get to see the feedback for that activity. Also, if your teacher has annotated your work, here you will find the link where you can read the comments written to your PDF file. (See the last picture on this page.)

Feedback section

Textual feedback (Here: Lähdeviittaukset puuttuvat vielä) and a link to the annotated PDF file

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