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Peppi: Student’s desktop – quick guide

All texts are written in collaboration with
students Joona Keskitalo and Erika Loman.

Screenshots by Joona Keskitalo, August 28th 2017


What you can do in Peppi?

  • Enrol for the semester (Peppi menu; Studies; Presence enrollment)
  • Make your personal study plan
  • Enrol for courses
  • See your grades
  • Check your group ID
  • Apply for accreditation of studies based on the skills you have acquired somewhere else
  • Fetch  digitally signed study certificate or a transcript of records
  • Keep your contact information up-to-date
  • Book a room for studying purposes – there is a small selection of rooms available for students’ use on Oamk’s campuses
  • Apply for your for Degree Certificate, when you are about to graduate.

For more detailed instructions, see the Peppi student’s desktop’s full guide.

Logging in

Go to  https://www.oamk.fi/peppi to get to log in to Peppi. (You’ll find this same link also from Oiva, the student intranet). Use your Oamk account to log in. The first time you log in, you should accept that your Oamk email address is given to the service. With the default settings (seen in the picture below), you will see this dialog again only if it will change (or if you check the second check box in the login prompt).

The login prompt and the dialog for information release to the service

When you log in, you will get to the students’ desktop.

How to make you personal study plan

The personal study plan (PSP) is a service that allows you to plan and schedule your studies, follow the progress of your studies and discuss online with the student advisor.

Open your PSP either from the top menu or from the Students’ desktop’s landing page. (NB. If you need to change the language of the interface, you can do that from the menu on the top right.)

Students’ desktop

If you are a degree student, you will get a pre-filled PSP with all the compulsory studies, based on the curriculum of your study group. If you are an exchange student or an open university student not following a degree program at Oamk your PSP will be empty by default. You have to add the optional studies to your PSP yourself: When you have made your choices, you should send your PSP draft to the advisor for approval.

On the default page of your PSP (the inspection tab), you will see the current structure and contents of your study plan. To edit the your PSP, you have to open the Selecting Studies tab. In the Selecting studies page, you can recognise the compulsory studies from the greyish-green icon on the right: these studies you cannot remove from your plan. When you add new, optional studies to your plan, the icon will be bright green and those studies you can remove if you want to.

How to enrol for courses

To enrol, open your PSP and then choose the Enrolments tab. On the Enrolments page, you can see all the courses compatible with your PSP that are open for enrolment at the moment.

The enrollments page

However, the course list shows all the suitable courses only by topic, so if you are following your group’s schedule, you have to choose the correct implementation of the course (the one that is aimed for your group). The easiest way at the moment is to use the search like this: Copy and paste the complete course codes from your group’s schedule [Ulkoinen linkki] to the search. This way you can find the right courses instantly from the possibly long list of available courses. (Besides, if you want to browse courses outside your PSP, it is possible with the search.) You can find the complete course codes also from the study guide [Ulkoinen linkki].

Here is a step by step guide:

  1. Open the search from the Search for courses button.
  2. In another browser window, copy the correct code from your schedule OR from the study guide:

    The complete course code in a schedule

    The complete course code in the list of implementations for a course in the study guide

  3. Paste the code to the course search on the Enrollments page and click Enroll.

    An example search using a complete course code

  4. Now Peppi will tell you the enrollment is now saved.

    The notification after enrollment

  5. Now you can see the enrollment on the bottom of the page. As long as the teacher of the course has not approved your enrollment, you can still cancel the enrollment. When the cancel button disappears, it means your enrollment has been accepted. (You can see the status of the enrollment also by placing the cursor above the status icon in the beginning of the row, when the tooltip for the status icon appears.)

It is possible to cancel an enrollment that has not been accepted yet. (Note that you can hide the contents of a section by clicking its header bar)

View all your completed courses, credits and your grades

When you open your PSP, by default it will open the PSP inspection tab: On this page, you can see all the courses you have already completed. On each row, you can see the amount of  credits for each course, as well as the grades you have received. NB.  a PASS/FAIL scale (HYV/HYL in Finnish) may be used for some of the courses. HYV means you have fulfilled the course requirements.

You can see your grade point average on the right side of the page and there you will also find a button for downloading your unofficial transcript of records. (The file is otherwise the same as the official transcript, but without signature and the official Oamk stamp.)

PSP inspection tab

How to check and edit your contact information in Peppi

To check your contact information, click your own profile icon (top right) on the Peppi’s students’ desktop; then choose settings and on the left sidebar, click Contact information. Now you can check whether your contact information is up to date. If you need to change the information, click the Edit contact information button on the top of the page, then make the changes and remember to save.

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      As soon as possible! We have just recently taken the screenshots in English.

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