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Adobe Connect: Test your equipment before an AC session

English translation by Joni Liikala

AC on mobile device

To use AC on a mobile device, you need a separate app: https://wiki.eduuni.fi/display/funettiimi/Adobe+Connect+mobiililaitteilla

Using AC with a browser

Especially teachers and other presenters who speak or share their screen should do the following tests before every session.

To ensure AC is working correctly do this test: https://connect.funet.fi/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm and follow the instructions if needed.

  1. Flash-plugin is mandatory
  2. You need to be be able to connect to Adobe Connect
  3. Your connection speed needs to be good enough. This is especially important if you’re recording. Other people shouldn’t be using the same connection for example to stream movies or play online games at the same time.
  4. The add-in is recommended for everyone who speaks during the conference. It’s mandatory for everyone sharing their screen.

Use AC’s Audio Setup Wizard before every conference to check your audio settings, headset/speakers and microphone:

  1. While in the AC room, click on  Meeting at the top-left corner.
  2. Choose Audio Setup Wizard.
  3. If Adobe Flash Player asks for permission to use the camera and microphone, choose Allow.
  4. When Audio Setup Wizard opens, choose Next.
  5. Click on Play Sound to hear a test sound. If you need to change the volume, do it and then click on Play Sound again. When the volume level sounds good, click on Next.
  6. Choose your microphone from the drop-down menu and click on Next.
  7. Click on Record and speak to the microphone
    • If Adobe Flash Player asks for permission to use the camera and microphone, choose Allow.
    • When you’re ready, click on Play Recording, to  hear the made recording. Click on Next.
  8. Next, click Test Silence. AC checks the amount of background noise on your mic. A normal level is around -10.
  9. Finish the test by clicking Finish.

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