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Peppi: Exchange student course enrolment, Student’s desktop

Exchange student course enrolment

Note. Click the picture to see is as a bigger picture, return to this guide by using the browser’s Back button.

Log into Peppi Student Administration System at https://www.oamk.fi/peppi. You will be redirected to Oulu UAS’s single sign on page. See advice for single sign on  and Haka login in OUAS.

OUAS login

Peppi Student’s Desktop

After succesful login Peppi Student’s Desktop will open. See more detailed advice for Peppi Student’s Desktop.

Peppi Student’s Desktop

You can change the language into English from the top right corner. See other advice about your own data.

To change the language of the user interface

Enrol to courses

You will select and enrol to courses via PSP (Personal Study Plan). You find the button in the Student’s desktop.

At first you plan your studies and collect the courses to your PSP. Open the PSP and click the Studies selection tab. At first click the question mark button to find out the meanings of different icons used in the page. The magnifying class button is the search button.

Studies selection

Before to start to build your PSP find out the codes of the desired courses. You find the codes in the curricula or your tutor teacher will help you. After click the search button. Write the course code in the search box and click Search.

Find studies

When a desired course is found click Add to basket -button. This way you add the courses in the basket. Click the link to see what courses are in the basket. With a button Add selected to PSP you get the courses into your PSP.

Studies in the basket

See the more detailed advice how to use the PSP tool.

When it is the time to enrol to a course in PSP you will see a note in the Notices at the right side of the page.

Time to enrol

You enrol to course via Enrolments tab. Sometimes there are several implementations of the course. Be careful to enrol to a right course. Click the Enrol button to enrol to a course. You can cancel your enrolment via Cancel button.

Enrolments tab

You can search for courses also in the Enrolments tab. Click the Search for courses button. You can search with a name, course code and implementation code. Note that you need to click the Search button to run the search not just Enter key.

Search for courses form

For example the Finnish Survival Course(s) can be found with the course name Finnish Survival Course (or with a part of the name), course code Y00022E (or part of it) or implementation code Y00022E-nnnn. You will be informed about current implementation codes, nnnn will be a number starting with 30 and following two changing numbers.

An example of a courses’ search

Under the course name you can see further information of the campus  where a course will be arranged and how many students have already enrolled and how many places there still are on that course implementation, e.g. Enrolled 11/30 means that 11 students have already enrolled and there are altogether 30 places on the course (i.e. 19 places are still remaining). Number zero as the maximum number of students means that there is no limit how many students can enrol (e.g. Enrolled 5/0).

Note. The course might be taught in Finnish although the information in this form is in English.

You enrol on a course by clicking the Enrol button on the line of the respective course.

For exchange students the Finnish Survival Courses should be directly visible also on the Enrolments page under Enrolment ongoing. You can enrol to courses under this title just by clicking the Enrol button on the line of the course.

Enrolment ongoing

Courses you have enrolled will be listed under the title Enrolments. If you happen to enrol to a wrong course or wrong implementation you can unenrol with the Cancel button if the teacher has not accepted your enrolment.

Succesful enrolments

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