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Skype for Business

– February 20, 2017

NB. MS will discontinue Skype for Business in 07/2021. At Oamk, Teams will replace Skype for Business already this summer (2020). Download and install To download Skype for Business, go to Outlook ( Click on the cogwheel in the top right corner of the screen and select Office 365. Click on Software. Select language and […]

» Skype for Business
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Adding a printer in Windows

– February 17, 2017

Adding a printer 1. Choose Start (Käynnistä) 2. Start writing  Devices and printers (Laitteet ja tulostimet) until you can choose it from the search results; open it when you see it. 3. Choose Add  a printer (Lisää kirjoitin) 4A. Choose the printer you want to add from the available printers in the list. 4B. In case you […]

» Adding a printer in Windows
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