Monthly archives: February 2017

Skype for Business

– February 20, 2017

Download and install To download Skype for Business, go to Outlook ( Click on the cogwheel in the top right corner of the screen and select Office 365. Click on Software. Select language and version depending on your computer. Then click on Install Log in, status, chat, history, calling After Skype has successfully installed, you […]

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Adding a printer in Windows

– February 17, 2017

Adding a printer 1. Choose Start (Käynnistä) 2. Start writing  Devices and printers (Laitteet ja tulostimet) until you can choose it from the search results; open it when you see it. 3. Choose Add  a printer (Lisää kirjoitin) 4A. Choose the printer you want to add from the available printers in the list. 4B. In case you […]

» Adding a printer in Windows
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