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Welcome to the ICT Services website for Oamk!

We provide the acquisition and maintenance of computers and software, give support and provide telecommunication and data communication services for Oamk staff. ICT services are responsible for the Oamk computers and other IT related devices, including data networks and the databases administration.

We have gathered guidelines to this page that is built on WordPress: From this page you will find all the guidelines in English arranged to topics. You will find all publically available guidelines for Oamk staff from the blogroll, organised according the date of publication (includes also posts that are available only in Finnish). There is also a serach available. Unfortunately not all the guidelines on these pages are available in English. In case you need assistance, please contact ICT Services.

IT support at Oamk – read this before you send a service request!

IT Services news are available in Heimo, Oamk’s intranet [external link]

(You have to be logged in to Heimo to open the previous link).

IT guidelines

Working in the evening at Oamk premises
Typically it is possible to work in the evenings. Ask local janitors for a more detailed schedule for the building you’re working in. You have to have an official badge (with a photo) with you when you are at Oamk premises in the evenings. When janitors are not present, the guards will let only those stay who have an official badge.


  • Secure printing (this is the students guide: it works the same way for staff too, the only exception is that you don’t have to pay for the prints yourself like the students do.)
  • Adding a printer to a computer
  • Avoid unnecessary printing!

Other guides

Information security and network ethics

User names and passwords


  • You can use your e-mail through WebMail. NB. If you are using webmail from a public computer, use private browsing and remember to log out and close all browser windows!

Home pages

Oamk staff can make home pages to server. You will need to contact IT services to get things started. Once you have an account at the server you can follow this

  • Mapping a network drive in Windows 10 (for staff)
  • As a member of staff you don’t have a quota, but IT services may contact you if your home directory grows too huge. It is advisable to keep your files in order: Delete all unnecessary and outdated files you don’t need anymore and are not bound to keep according to law.