Avoiding malware

– March 8, 2017

The protection mechanisms have not changed for a long time but it is good to go over them once in a while: Among malware, so-called ransomware has now become common. Ransomware is a program type that encrypts the user’s work files on the user’s local machine and sometimes also on the network disks available on the user’s computer. Decrypting the files might succeed if […]

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Adding a printer in Windows

– February 17, 2017

You can add a printer to a computer, which is maintained by the ICT services and the computer is in the kk network (either by cable or WiFi) 1. Choose Start (Käynnistä) 2. Start writing  Devices and printers (Laitteet ja tulostimet) until you can choose it from the search results; open it when you see […]

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