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Mapping your network drive (for students)

– June 30, 2017

N.B.! While the network drives are still in use, the IT services recommend the cloud services.  The cloud services available to you are the Microsoft Office 365 cloud service  (incl. e. g.  e-mail and calendar, OneDrive and Sharepoint) and the Google suite for education (incl. e. g. Google Drive, Youtube). How to map a network drive in Windows Here […]

» Mapping your network drive (for students)
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Mapping a network drive in Windows 10 (for staff)

– June 30, 2017

The path to your network drive is \\files.kk.lan\staff\username (just replace the username with your user name.) When you are inside the OUAS network, you are not prompted for a user name and password to map your network drive, as you have already been authenticated when you did sign in to your computer. From outside the OUAS network, […]

» Mapping a network drive in Windows 10 (for staff)
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